Rod Holder Modification


So, as I mentioned last, I needed to relocate my built in rod holder. As you can see in the top left image, Pelican decided to put it way down at our feet (past the feet for shorter people). I couldn’t even touch it with my fingertips.

My solution presented itself with the use of some leftover pvc pipe and fittings. I did have to shave down the end of the pipe to fit it in the hole. But, I made no changes to the rod holder or the on board mount.

I picked up some Krylon Fusion paint for plastic to make it look better. And, while I was at it, I painted my PVC kayak cart and my paddle blades (they were black).


A Saturday Fishing and Paddling

My buddy John is still on the disabled list per his Doctor. But, I already had my boat on the car Friday evening by the time he left the doctor’s office and messaged me. So, I decided to take off on my own Saturday morning.

I put in at Lula Park, it’s a free parking/boat ramp on the north end of Lake Lanier. Actually, it’s technically the Chattahoochee River at this point, before it becomes the lake. I paddled as far north as I could before the river current really got too strong to make decent progress. It took me about 4 hours going up, and only about 2 coming back. This is because I took my time gong upstream, stopping to fish several times.

Caught a couple of White bass (nothing to note), and wound up getting in a fight with SOMETHING big enough to pull be upstream 30 yards before he got off the hook. I really should have dropped my anchor, but I was paddling up, and fishing as I drifted back down.

Here’s a Map of the outing: EveryTrail

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