It’s been almost a year

I’ve not had the kayak out of storage since Memorial day, last year. It’s been a rough year for me between health issues, issues with my family,… And other issues I just don’t want to bring up.

The stress and health issues have caused me to put on about 30 lbs this last year. I was pushing the weight limit on my boat as it was. Now I don’t feel safe taking it out on the water.

I guess this experiment was a failure, like everything else I touch.


Dog Paddling

OK, so those of you that haven’t gotten it, the name of my blog is a play on “Dog Paddling” and my nickname, Wolfman.

That being said, a few months back, I was given custody of a wonderful, happy, 2+ year old Catahoula Leopard Dog (mix) Named Henny.  He’s rapidly become my best bud.  So far, we’ve hiked/walked over 150 miles together, just since the first of March.  He’s even gone fishing with me a few times.


Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten up the nerve to take him out on the kayak with me.  There are a few reasons…
1) I need to get him a life vest and he’s still got a little growing to do.
2) I’m near the max weight on my kayak with all my gear.  I don’t want to add almost 60 lbs of dog to that.
3) He’s still young and hyper, so getting him to stay still is not that easy, so I’m not ready to take a spill because of him.
4) I’ve only been able to let him swim one time, and that time, he wasn’t that great at it.  He kept getting distracted by his own splashes.

So, I’m going to wait another season.  Hopefully, by next spring, he’ll have mellowed a little more, I’ll have lost some more weight and I’ll have had time to make him a better swimmer.

In the mean time, here’s a GREAT article on about taking dogs out kayaking with you:  Putting the Doggy into Paddling

Dry Docking The Yak For Winter

Well, cold weather is starting to set in here.  Since my boat is a SoT (Sit-on-Top), I get really wet launching and taking out.  And, I really don’t have the money for wet-suits, neoprene booties and such (Especially since I have to get the 2X sizes that cost more).   So, I’m guessing I’ll be putting the girl into dry-dock for the winter.

Now, there is a chance my buddy John and I may head down to south Georgia, or north/central Florida to warmer waters for a weekend outing.  But, that will take $$$ and not going to happen soon.


Rain, Rain Go Away!

This has got to be the rainiest summer in my 38 years on this planet!  Don’t get me wrong, we REALLY need the rain.  But, all of these thunderstorms are ruining my weekends and preventing me from hitting the water.

It POURED rain here on July 4th, with nature providing the only fireworks in the form of lightning.  It rained Saturday and Sunday.  Now, it’s not like I’m afraid of getting wet.  It’s the risk of lightning that has kept me off the water the last week or so.

Bitten By The Bug

OK, so I’ve been out ONE TIME, and it’s all I can really focus on this last week. Since my first outing, we’ve had storms, flooding, and I’ve had to work. But, there is a 3 day weekend this weekend and the weather looks great!

Sometime this weekend, I hope to get in a hike with some friends we’ve been putting off (Due to weather) for almost a month. But, the other 2 days will involve me and water!!

I am thinking of stopping by Home Depot after work Friday and picking up some 3/4″ PVC pipe and “T” fittings. I think I can make a frame to go in the bottom of the inflatable and stiffen it up, for about $10. I’ve been refining the plans in my head for a week now!