The basics, I’m a big guy.  I’ve always been big. I’m 6ft with a large frame.  But, I’ve also always carried extra weight.  I can remember my mother having to buy the “Husky” jeans for me in the boys department at Sears when I was a kid.  After an accident in 2004, I gained a lot more weight.  At the time of my divorce, I was over 425 lbs, wearing a size 5X shirt, and 58″ jeans.  I began on a journey of trying to get healthy.  Over the course of the following 18 months, I dropped to 280 lbs, a size 44″ waist, and a 2X shirt.  Since then, I’ve been working out, trying to eat healthy.  I’ve put a bit back on (I’m back up to 340), but it’s mainly muscle mass as I’m still in a 46″ shorts and 2X shirts… I even have a few XL shirts I can wear.

For the most part, I love to hike.  And, I really should start a hiking blog to.  But, something has been calling me the last couple of years.  When I was younger, I did kayaking in Boy Scouts and loved it.  I’ve decided to take it back up.  Hiking has really built up my legs.  I’m hoping this will help as much with my core and upper body.

Like everyone, I’m on a budget.  I don’t have $1,000 to spend on a starter hard shell boat.  Instead, I’ve picked up a sub $200 inflatable, paddle, life-vest and watertight box for my cellphone/keys/wallet.  I’ll do reviews of these items as I get to use them.

Let’s see where this great experiment goes!


If you want to know more about me, be sure to visit my main blog @ www.rapidfiredreams.com, or send me a friend request on Facebook.


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