Dog Paddling

OK, so those of you that haven’t gotten it, the name of my blog is a play on “Dog Paddling” and my nickname, Wolfman.

That being said, a few months back, I was given custody of a wonderful, happy, 2+ year old Catahoula Leopard Dog (mix) Named Henny.  He’s rapidly become my best bud.  So far, we’ve hiked/walked over 150 miles together, just since the first of March.  He’s even gone fishing with me a few times.


Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten up the nerve to take him out on the kayak with me.  There are a few reasons…
1) I need to get him a life vest and he’s still got a little growing to do.
2) I’m near the max weight on my kayak with all my gear.  I don’t want to add almost 60 lbs of dog to that.
3) He’s still young and hyper, so getting him to stay still is not that easy, so I’m not ready to take a spill because of him.
4) I’ve only been able to let him swim one time, and that time, he wasn’t that great at it.  He kept getting distracted by his own splashes.

So, I’m going to wait another season.  Hopefully, by next spring, he’ll have mellowed a little more, I’ll have lost some more weight and I’ll have had time to make him a better swimmer.

In the mean time, here’s a GREAT article on about taking dogs out kayaking with you:  Putting the Doggy into Paddling