Easter On The Water

I was watching the weather for the last few days, just hoping today would hold out with being as great of a day as they called for.  I even went by the storage building and loaded my kayak on the car in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon to be ready to go early this morning.

After my last outing, I can tell you that I was super ready for a GOOD day on the water… And I GOT IT! About the only thing I could have asked for was less wind. I launched from Don Carter State Park, and headed north in the lake (technically, it’s the Chattahoochee River at this point north) and paddled north against the current and into the wind for a little over 2 miles.  There was a “Creek” I spotted on an outing last year that I wanted to go explore.  This “Creek” took me almost a mile back into a valley, surrounded by pines and tall hills on either side.  I went until I ran unto a swamp and took a snack break. I then spent the next hour or so fishing my way back down the creek to the main channel.

I was actually throwing casts pretty dang good with that bait caster (Thanks to hours of practice, standing in a field with a washer tied on the line!).  I got a few hits off a red, split tailed rubber worm, but nothing would take it.  I decided since I was in slightly muddy, slow, fairly shallow water, they might be using to crawfish.  So, I switched to a pumpkin seed colored Yum Brand, Craw (I think it’s from the “Critter” series).  That brought me in 3 nice little bass.  Nothing worth keeping, but still, a catch is a catch.

I also managed to land a few small crappie in the back of one of the coves I usually fish in.

The trip back was much easier with the wind and current both at my back.  all in all, I did just over 6 miles.

SDC10426 (Medium) SDC10420 (Medium) SDC10414 (Medium) SDC10407 (Medium) SDC10405 (Medium) SDC10402 (Medium) SDC10399 (Medium)(Click Images for Full Sized)