Yak Improvements…


Ok, 2 of the 3 problems I have with my Yak are the low seat back and lack of access to the internal space in the stern…  I fixed those today. (The 3rd is that the forward swivel rod holder is too far forward…  I’ll fix that next.)
As you can see from the top left picture there are 2 flat areas that could support a hatch; behind the seat and behind the well.
The higher priced version of mine comes with a 4″ hatch behind the seat. But, there is more room than that. I picked up a couple of 6″ hatches at Academy Sports for $12 each.

I also needed to remove the plastic seat back for the stock seat. It was held on by 2 rivets I would have to cut off from inside, so I started with the space behind the seat. I’m glad I did. Once I got the hole cut, I found there is a large styrofoam block that runs all the way to the stern. So, there is no need for a hatch on the stern as the space is filled and unusable back there.

Cutting the hole wasn’t easy. I traced the circle, went around it drilling 3/8th” holes, then cut it out with a keyhole saw. I then spent 30 min with a rasp trying to smooth and round out the hole. A bead of Silicon around the base before bolting it in was the easy part.

I also had to deal with the holes for the rivets I removed to get the seat back off. I decided to use 2 of the extra #8 bolts, with washers on both sides (coated with silicone), and a lock washer inside.

The new seat fits like a glove, has a 20″ high back, and a storage pouch on the back. Much better on my bad back than the stock seat that only came up 10!