A Saturday Fishing and Paddling

My buddy John is still on the disabled list per his Doctor. But, I already had my boat on the car Friday evening by the time he left the doctor’s office and messaged me. So, I decided to take off on my own Saturday morning.

I put in at Lula Park, it’s a free parking/boat ramp on the north end of Lake Lanier. Actually, it’s technically the Chattahoochee River at this point, before it becomes the lake. I paddled as far north as I could before the river current really got too strong to make decent progress. It took me about 4 hours going up, and only about 2 coming back. This is because I took my time gong upstream, stopping to fish several times.

Caught a couple of White bass (nothing to note), and wound up getting in a fight with SOMETHING big enough to pull be upstream 30 yards before he got off the hook. I really should have dropped my anchor, but I was paddling up, and fishing as I drifted back down.

Here’s a Map of the outing: EveryTrail

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