Dry Docking The Yak For Winter

Well, cold weather is starting to set in here.  Since my boat is a SoT (Sit-on-Top), I get really wet launching and taking out.  And, I really don’t have the money for wet-suits, neoprene booties and such (Especially since I have to get the 2X sizes that cost more).   So, I’m guessing I’ll be putting the girl into dry-dock for the winter.

Now, there is a chance my buddy John and I may head down to south Georgia, or north/central Florida to warmer waters for a weekend outing.  But, that will take $$$ and not going to happen soon.



Short Paddle On A Cloudy Fall Sunday

Took a short paddle up the ‘Hooch today.  It was a cool, Fall day.  I even tried out some new “tights” under my shorts to keep my legs warm.

Not much to report… Just a nice, slow paddle.  Found a cove and decided to follow the feeder creek about a mile back to this hidden swamp where I scared up a flock of ducks.

Track Here: http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/257750491/7294131

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Making An A.T.K. (All Terrain Kayak)

Being that my boat is 12′ long and weighs 60 lbs, it can be hard to get from the car to the water by myself.  Not to mention that I have to make multiple trips to get it and my gear transported.

Now, they sell doilies you can strap under the back (Called Portage Carts), but they aren’t cheap, I am!  Besides, I like making things.  With a little PVC pipe, some fittings, a couple of lawnmower wheels, a metal rod and a pool noodle from the dollar store, I made my own.

If anyone is interested in making one, I can write-up a part’s list and directions.  It really shouldn’t cost more than about $25, depending on the wheels.  (Much cheaper if you can salvage the wheels from something else!)

I’ve used it a couple of outings now and it has worked like a charm (I did trim the height down and cut the kick-stand off… Trial and error!).  I can strap the dolly to the back, load all my gear in the boat and make one trip to the water.  Once there, I can take it off, take it apart, and store it in the back of the boat with my cooler for when I get where I’m going.

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A Saturday Fishing and Paddling

My buddy John is still on the disabled list per his Doctor. But, I already had my boat on the car Friday evening by the time he left the doctor’s office and messaged me. So, I decided to take off on my own Saturday morning.

I put in at Lula Park, it’s a free parking/boat ramp on the north end of Lake Lanier. Actually, it’s technically the Chattahoochee River at this point, before it becomes the lake. I paddled as far north as I could before the river current really got too strong to make decent progress. It took me about 4 hours going up, and only about 2 coming back. This is because I took my time gong upstream, stopping to fish several times.

Caught a couple of White bass (nothing to note), and wound up getting in a fight with SOMETHING big enough to pull be upstream 30 yards before he got off the hook. I really should have dropped my anchor, but I was paddling up, and fishing as I drifted back down.

Here’s a Map of the outing: EveryTrail

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