Managed 7 Miles This Morning…

So, the weather reports were saying we would have thunder storms today, but not until after 1pm. So, I went by the storage building after work yesterday and tossed the boat on the roof of the car. I got up at 6am, checked the weather and maps, saw it was clear and headed out.  I went to Lula Park on the very north end of Lake Lanier.  A couple of miles north of here is where the Chattahoochee River becomes the lake.

A couple of friends had told me there wasn’t much boat traffic up there, and they were not kidding.  The parking area and ramp are old.  The Park is not well maintained (the grass was waist high), but the parking was free.  I got there early and put in to some of the stillest water I’ve ever paddled.  I went over a mile before I saw another boat.  I paddled down to Don Carter State Park (where I put in last week).  I only saw 3 power boats, a jet ski and 3 other kayaks in that 3.6 mile run.  On the way back, I passed 2 of the kayaks again, 2 power fishing boats, and a pontoon boat.

The water was too muddy for fishing, but man, it was so quiet that I could hear the water rushing under the hull when I would pause paddling and coast.

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2 thoughts on “Managed 7 Miles This Morning…

    • Oh yeah.. I do. I did have a bit of an issue this morning as I managed to break off my left foot peg while loading the boat. I was able to patch it back together with super glue and zipties. But, it didn’t hold up and popped off on the return trip. I was having to paddle without the benefit of the leverage from one leg.
      Pellican didn’t even question when I called them. The boat has a limited lifetime warranty. They shipped out a pair of replacement foot pegs, no charge!

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