Finally Got To Wet My Paddles…

So, FedEx delivered my boat Saturday afternoon, AFTER the rain started. Sunday was Mother’s day, and we had family plans.  I’ve been putting in some extra hours at work lately, and I hardly ever use all of my vacation days…. So, I took the day off today and headed down to Fort Yargo State Park to try it out.   I chose Fort Yargo for a few reasons: 1) It’s close to home, 2) it’s a smaller lake (260 acres) that they don’t allow anything with more than a 10hp motor in & 3) there are a lot of geocaches in the park I need to find! (I’m also a geocacher).

I’m going to do another post as a “Review” of the boat.  But, I can say that, for the price, I’m pleased with it.  There were some issues and I had to take out and put back in several times to get the seat situated right (I’ll detail that in the other post). I think I have those resolved, for now.

Here’s a map and a track: GOOGLE MAPS

I put up an album of pictures on my Facebook page:

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